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Wezudex is a Scam Cryptocurrency Platform

Wezudex is a Scam Cryptocurrency Platform

Wezudex is a scam cryptocurrency platform that is being promoted in social media recently. The scammers are using deepfake videos of celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo and Elon Musk or Drake to trick their fans into depositing Bitcoin on Wezudex[.]com.

Wezudex Crypto Scam

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Wezudex Scam Crypto Platform

The Scam works like this:

The deepfake videos showing the celebrities talking about a new crypto platform which you can register and get free btc and providing special promo codes that viewers can use to get it. For example, the fake Cristiano Ronaldo says you can use the code “CR7” to get free Bitcoin. 

Unsuspecting easy believers then go to Wezudex[.]com and register for new account, thinking they will get free crypto from their favorite celebrity. It’s sad that people actually believe these advertises still and in 2024. After registering, they enter the promo code from the video. This adds a balance of around 0.31 BTC to their Wezudex account dashboard.

After All, when the victims try to withdraw their winnings, they are shown a message saying they must first make a minimum deposit of 0.005 BTC to “activate” withdrawal option. This deposit requirement tricks users into sending real Cryptos to Wezudex, which the scammers immediately steal.

In reality, the Wezudex platform, the celebrity videos, and the promised crypto giveaways are all fake – they are an ADVANCE FEE SCAM designed to steal money which we talked about before in this article.

Promo Codes Used to Lure Victims

In the deepfake videos, the celebrities provide viewers with a unique promo code such as “CR7” or “Tiktok11” and claim that entering these codes on Wezudex[.]com will give them free Bitcoin funds in their account. For example, in a faked video of Cristiano Ronaldo, he says “Go to Wezudex[.]com and use my promo code CR7 to get 0.31 BTC for free!” 

However, the promo codes and free crypto ads are totally nonsense and lie . The codes don’t actually unlock any Bitcoin giveaways. The site just temporarily credits new users accounts to further the illusion before scamming victims out of real crypto deposits.

Wezudex Deepfakes to lure people and scam them

Stealing Deposits

The Wezudex platform is created and well-designed just to steal money from victims. After users register and enter the promo codes featured in the fake celebrity videos, they see a balance of around 10-14k worth of BTC added to their account dashboard. This gives the illusion that the codes provided free Bitcoin funds and they will forget free cheese is only in a mousetrap. 

So while the promo codes make it appear you received free crypto, you cannot actually withdraw those funds unless you first send a deposit to Wezudex. And any deposits sent to the platform are stolen by the scammers behind this scam operation. The site does not actually allow withdrawals – its only purpose is to steal money from victims lured in by the deep fake videos and idols which they think everything they say is true.

Other Fake Sites

The criminals behind Wezudex have created so many other fake websites with the same trick and same scam method. These sites feature the same deceptive celebrity hype videos and fake crypto giveaways used on Wezudex. Some examples of other domains registered by this criminals include:

Anloko[.]com, Bitsowex[.]com, Bitxspark[.]com, Nevofex[.]com and Xbirex[.]com.

Other Scam Websites like Wezudex

Avoiding Scams

With cryptocurrency scams on the rise, it’s important for investors to be vigilant and protect themselves. Here are some tips for spotting and avoiding crypto scams:

Beware of celebrity endorsements.
If a celebrity is promoting a cryptocurrency or giving away free coins, it’s likely a scam.
These endorsements are often faked using deepfakes. Do your own research and don’t rely and risk on celebrity hype. 

Research before investing.
Take time to thoroughly investigate any company or offering before sending money. Search online for reviews and complaints to uncover red flags. Avoid sites with no web history and dont forget to use Scamminder to do the hard work for you.

Don’t believe promises of guaranteed returns.
No cryptocurrency investment is risk-free or guarantees profits. Borrow two other legs and run away if you saw any platform offering unusually high interest rates or bonuses.

Withdraw a test amount first.
Before depositing larger amounts, first withdraw a small test amount from the platform to verify you can access your funds. 

Beware fees or conditions on withdrawals.
Reputable platforms won’t force you to make a deposit before withdrawing your money. 

Use trusted crypto exchanges.
Stick to well-known, established exchanges to reduce your risk. Avoid unknown exchanges advertising giveaways.

Keep your private keys safe.
Never share your private keys or wallet seed phrases. Legit companies won’t ask for them.

Staying vigilant and doing your own research is key to avoiding cryptocurrency scams. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Stick to trusted platforms and protect your accounts with highest security levels.


In conclusion, be very wary of unsolicited investment opportunities, especially related to cryptocurrency. Only deposit money on well-known, reputable platforms after carefully researching them. Protect yourself by being skeptic to “free money” lies and other tactics scammers use to take over people’s money. 

Stay safe out there, fellas! The internet can be a scary place with all the scams and threats lurking around. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ll help you be more protected and safe against those online Criminals. Surf safe and have fun!

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