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Rewave Tv Antenna Review: Legit Shop or Scam?

Rewave Tv Antenna Review: Legit Shop or Scam?

GetRewave Trust score is extremely low according to Scamminder

Online shopping scams have become increasingly common, causing consumers to lose billions of dollars each year. With the rise of ecommerce, verifying the legitimacy of an unknown website is crucial before making any purchases. There are various signs of an untrustworthy or outright scam websites and red flags that consumers should watch out for. The importance of this site’s trustworthiness will be explored in this analysis of GetRewave[.]com and its concerningly low trust score.

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About GetRewave[.]com

GetRewave[.]com is a website that sells an indoor HD antenna called Rewave. The company claims this antenna provides access to over 100 free HD channels with better picture quality than cable TV.

According to the website, Rewave was developed using proprietary technology from NASA scientists and engineers. It purportedly allows consumers to cancel expensive cable and satellite subscriptions, while still enjoying high definition channels for a one-time payment.

The site advertises the Rewave antenna for the low price of $49.99, which is 75% off the normal $199.99 price. This limited time discount is to celebrate the product launch. GetRewave[.]com also offers free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee on the Rewave antenna.

The website states that Rewave is completely legal and approved by the FCC. It emphasizes that the antenna simply provides free access to channels that are already broadcast over-the-air in HD. No hacking or illegal modifications are required.

GetRewave[.]com claims their antenna is very easy to setup. Users just plug it into their TV and scan for channels to start accessing free HD programming. The site asserts that Rewave eliminates the need for cable or satellite subscriptions.

Low Trust Score

GetRewave[.]com has a shockingly low trust score of just 11/100, according to our website’s AI analysis. This score suggests that GetRewave[.]com might be untrustworthy or even a scam.

Trust scores are calculated by looking at various factors related to a website’s legitimacy, security, and intent. Here are some key elements that affected this site’s trust score:

– Age of the domain

– Transparency of ownership

– Presence of contact information

– Unprofessional design

– Negative Reviews and reputation

-Aggressive/spam marketing tactics

Scores range from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating more trustworthy sites. Most legitimate e-commerce businesses score above 80, while scam or fraudulent sites often score below 20.

With its very low score of 11/100, GetRewave[.]com shows many red flags. The domain is less than a year old, there’s no clear information about who owns or runs the site, and the contact details seem sketchy. The site also lacks proper encryption and is filled with aggressive pop-ups and spammy tactics. also, the design looks amateurish compared to reliable services and businesses.

In summary, this much low trust score for GetRewave[.]com strongly suggests that the site is not good enough or trustworthy. Consumers should be very cautious and avoid rushing into their offerings. The trust score analysis reveals many signs that GetRewave[.]com is seems to be a scam.

Free TV antenna from government can be deceptive

Urgency and Excitement Tactics

A common tactic used by scam websites is creating a false sense of hurry and excitement around their products. GetRewave[.]com uses many of these techniques to pressure and rush visitors into making a purchase before thinking through the claims.

One method is using language like “for a limited time only” and “special discounted price – order today”. There is no actual reason these offers are time limited other than to create FOMO and get people to act immediately without examining the offer with patience and open eyes. Legitimate businesses do not need to create arbitrary deadlines to make sales all the time.

GetRewave[.]com also uses phrases like “fast shipping”, “order now to receive in time for holidays”, “only 7 units left!” and “ending soon!”. Again, these are fabricated reasons to get visitors to purchase right away instead of researching the company first. Scams want victims to buy in the heat of the moment before uncovering their deception.

Creating a fake sense of urgency is a highly effective manipulation tactic. Smart ones know the lesson: if a site is pushing you to “Buy Now!” faster than a kid grabbing candy, it stinks. Any company rushing you into a fast act is waving a big red flag. Don’t fall for it!

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Unusually High Discounts

GetRewave[.]com promotes a 75% discount on the Rewave TV antenna, which should be an immediate red flag to consumers. Legitimate businesses do not offer such unusually high discounts on quality products. This tactic is commonly used by scam websites to create a big lure and convince consumers they are getting an incredible offer.

In reality, the scammers are able to offer such steep discounts because the actual cost of manufacturing the product is extremely low. The antenna likely costs only a few dollars to make in China, but is sold for $100 or more after applying the fictional discount. This allows the scammers to realize huge profit margins while manipulating customers into thinking they must act fast before the discount expires.

Smart online shoppers should view discounts over 50% as too good to be true. If a website is offering a TV antenna for 75% off, it is almost certainly a scam operation looking to turn a quick profit through deception. When a deal seems too good to be true, and it’s always there (reachable), you are the final Target.

Money-Back Guarantee Claims

GetRewave[.]com prominently displays a 30-day money-back guarantee to win your trust. But watch out! Scam sites often promise refunds but then create many jumping hurdles to actually prevent you from getting your money back.

When consumers try to claim refunds from scam sites, they often find it difficult or impossible to actually receive their money back(also most people do not go and put time and effort into getting back their under 100$). Reasons refunds are avoided may come one of these below:

  • Heavy return processes – Scam sites make returning products overly complicated, requiring extensive paperwork and documentation that discourage buyers.
  • Short windows to return – The refund window offered may be as little as 14 or 30 days. This makes it hard to evaluate products fully before the right to refunds expires.
  • Refusal of refunds – Support contacts for scam sites routinely deny valid refund requests, often citing fine print exceptions or claiming products were damaged.
  • Unresponsive contacts – Email addresses and phone numbers provided are frequently invalid, making it hard to even initiate refunds.
  • Deduction of fees – Big restocking fees or return shipping fees are charged to minimize refund amounts.

The prominent 30-day refund offer by GetRewave[.]com seems designed to provide a false sense of security. In reality, scam websites have many avenues to avoid delivering promised refunds.

Emphasis on Legality

GetRewave[.]com makes prominent claims about how their product and business practices are completely legal. The website states “Rewave is 100% legal” and “We comply with all regulations”.

This focus on legality is a common tactic used by scam websites that may lead us to another red flag . They hardly claim that what they are doing is legitimate, even if it is not.

Many scams will constantly address legality because they know their practices are unethical or illegal. By aggressively insisting “this is legal!”, they hope to suppress doubts in minds.

However, simply claiming legality does not make a business ethical or honest. Even completely legal practices can still take advantage of and mislead customers. So it’s important to look past these legality assurances and evaluate if they’re real.

In the case of GetRewave[.]com, it seems intended to cover up their deceptive marketing. There are many warning signs it’s a scam operation despite their claims of being lawful.

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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

The GetRewave[.]com website features numerous customer reviews and testimonials praising the Rewave TV antenna and its performance. However, upon closer inspection, these reviews appear to be completely fabricated.

The site showcases page after page of 5-star reviews with overly positive and unrealistic comments about the Rewave antenna. These include statements like “Picture quality even better than cable TV!”, “My family now gets hundreds of crystal clear HD channels” and “I can’t believe this only cost me a one time payment!”.

However, it is highly unlikely that these reviews and testimonials are fake. The positive feedback on GetRewave[.]com looks fake. To be real, even the best products get some negative reviews from unhappy customers. The lack of any critical feedback here is a big red flag. Also, the photos are generated and not actually of real customers.

The goal of these fabricated reviews and rates is to create social proof about the Rewave antenna’s capabilities. In reality, no genuine customers likely had such an outstanding experience with this poor quality digital antenna. 


Overall, GetRewave[.]com crosses multiple red flags that indicate it is likely close to be a scam website with a low level of trustworthiness. The unusually high discounts, focus on legality, fake customer reviews, and urgency tactics employed on the site are all commonly used by fraudulent businesses looking to take advantage of unaware people.

While the promises of an affordable, simply TV streaming device may sound enticing, The claims are exaggerated and meant to pressure people into making quick purchases without doing thorough research.

To avoid falling victim to online shopping scams, be wary of:

  • Websites with no contact information or physical address
  • Abnormally high discounts of 75% or more off retail prices
  • Countdown timers or claims of limited supply
  • Too many positive reviews that seem fake or paid
  • Strong emphasis on legality and satisfaction guarantees
  • Credit card icons without trusted verification

Conduct research on unfamiliar websites before providing any personal or payment information. Search for complaints and scam reports. If unsure, trust your instincts and avoid sites that seem questionable. Seek out ai reviews from Scamminder, And never feel rushed into buying from sites using high-pressure sales tactics.

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  1. Patrick Carey says:

    Commerce con artists more like , I was sucked into this one and paid by paypal for 3 antennas so I thought, when the email came through it had 4 x TV Booster Antenna + Extended Warrant £131.76 + 2 x TV Booster Antenna £49.80+Shipping & Handling £9.96 // £191.52. was taken from the account, They had also set themselves up on a automatic payment of £257.00 .. I assume per month, So YES a Scam. Makes my blood boil. I Just hope these people burn in hell…..So Ya, Let’s all be Careful out there

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