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Pamalog Bot Exsposed: Easy Money or Scam?

Pamalog Bot Exsposed: Easy Money or Scam?


Pamalog Bot is a platform that has been making its rounds on the internet, promising users multiple ways to earn money online. On the surface, it claims to offer daily bonuses just for being a registered user, payments for solving captchas, earnings through referrals, and even a one-time joining bonus of N15,000.

However, as we will uncover in this blog post, Pamalog Bot is far from the money-making opportunity it seems to be. After a little investigation and collecting user experiences, the purpose of this post is to expose Pamalog Bot as a new scam designed to prey on unsuspecting victims looking to increase their income online. By clearly presenting the false claims made by Pamalog Bot, contrasting them with the disappointing realities users have faced, and highlighting the numerous red flags that point to it being a scam, we aim to help readers recognize this fraudulent scheme for what it is and avoid falling into its trap.

Overview of Pamalog Bot

Pamalog Bot is an online platform that claims to offer multiple ways for users to earn money. According to its website and promotional materials, it allows users to earn through the following methods:

  • Claiming Daily Bonuses: Pamalog Bot promises that registered users will receive bonuses added to their account balance on a daily basis. The amounts vary but serve to increase a user’s earnings over time.
  • Solving Captchas: The platform also claims users can earn money by solving captchas. There is no stated limit per day, implying users can solve unlimited captchas to keep accumulating funds.
  • Referral Earnings: Pamalog Bot incentivizes users to refer the platform to others by promising a certain amount of money for each new referral who signs up and registers. This serves as motivation to expand their user base.
  • One-Time Joining Bonus: Upon joining, new users are promised a one-time bonus of 15,000 naira added to their Pamalog Bot account balance. This aims to entice new sign-ups with a significant initial reward.

In summary, Pamalog Bot portrays itself as a way to earn passive income online through bonuses, captcha solving, referrals, and a joining bonus. However, as we will explore next, the reality does not match these claims.

Pamalog bot is it legit?

The Reality of Pamalog Bot

The harsh reality behind Pamalog Bot is that it operates as a scam designed to steal users’ money. The most deceptive tactic it employs is known as the N5000 withdrawal scam.

Despite Pamalog Bot’s promises of easy earnings through daily bonuses, captcha solving, and referrals, users quickly find they cannot actually withdraw their funds. When attempting to withdraw, Pamalog Bot prompts users to first pay a “small fee” of N5000.

Eager to collect their earnings, many users pay this N5000 withdrawal fee. But afterwards, Nothing is going to be paid to them. Yes they fell into an Advance Fee Scam. The bot claims to not understand the user’s instructions, yet continues operating normally otherwise. Essentially, after paying the N5000, users never receive their withdrawal.


Pamalog Bot makes big promises of easy earnings through bonuses, captcha solving, referrals, and one-time rewards. However, the reality is that this platform is a complete scam that preys on unsuspecting users. After reviewing the facts, several key points make it abundantly clear that Pamalog Bot cannot be trusted:

  • The N5000 withdrawal fee is nothing but a scam tactic, with users reporting they never receive payments after paying it.
  • Suspiciously high referral requirements, unnecessary fees, and lack of transparency are all red flags of a fraudulent operation.
  • Testimonials may include fake reviews and promoter accounts, so they cannot be taken at face value.

I strongly advise all readers to avoid Pamalog Bot entirely. Do not provide any personal information, make payments, or participate in referral schemes. Be extremely cautious of online money-making opportunities, do thorough research, and watch for similar warning signs. The promises of easy earnings are almost always exaggerated or outright deceptive. Stay vigilant, rely on trusted sources, and don’t let scams like Pamalog Bot take advantage of you. Spread the word about this review and Scamminder to help protect other potential victims.

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