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Laxsson is a Ponzi Scheme Scam.

Laxsson is a Ponzi Scheme Scam.

The Laxsson network website, Laxsson[.]com, is one of the deceitful Ponzi projects operating with unidentified owners, enticing victims to invest with the promise of attractive returns through a pyramidal networking system.

Upon searching the name Laxsson, we encounter sites that have written similar news about defining this investment network:

All these news pieces are paid advertisements. Archive

Laxsson describes itself as follows: LAXSSON – Digital Technology Group (archive.ph)

“A place where your dreams connect to reality, Laxsson belongs to the Laxsson Digital Technology Group, one of the pioneers in artificial intelligence technology and related services. The company was established in 2016 and has so far attracted more than 10 million dollars in investment. Laxsson Digital Technology Group operates in the financial sector and has introduced rare and comprehensive artificial intelligence platforms. These platforms allow engineers and even commercial employees to utilize artificial intelligence. The main goal of this company is public access to artificial intelligence to empower businesses and individuals, strengthening organizations and individuals through artificial intelligence so that everyone can benefit from the value and life improvements offered by AI. Laxsson is the first AI investment platform that benefits from a combination of rare investment with artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

Now, let’s investigate this network’s claim of being active since 2016:

The domain laxsson[.]com was registered approximately 8 months ago, and there is no previous record of the company’s activity from 2016.

In Telegram application groups, scammers claim that Laxsson is registered in the USA and has an MSB license from FinCEN, supervised by the United States Department of the Treasury.

Although the name LAXSSON, with the registration number 31000233519554, and the name LAXSSON DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY GROUP LLC are registered on the FinCEN site https://www.fincen.gov/msb-state-selector, this site clearly warns that being listed on the Money Services Business (MSB) registration search page does not mean endorsement, credibility confirmation, or validation of the business by any government. But scammers misuse this list as a license.

Looking at the activities registered by this company in FinCEN, you can see that the activities include issuing money orders, traveler’s checks, and transferring money via money orders and there is no mention of investment, profit payment, trading, or artificial intelligence! Even in this information, the registration date is mentioned as 12/2/2022, which contradicts the claim of activity since 2016.

The registered company address, 1275 BRONX RIVER AVENUE, APPT BASEMENT, does not lead to any company office according to Google but is actually an ordinary house, and even the address has a spelling error; ‘apt’ is written as ‘appt’.

Another credential that this network declares is a certificate registered on the site http://ecorp.dos.ny.gov, which they introduce as the United States Department of State. This site has no relation to the United States Department of State and is the “New York State Department of State – Division of Corporations,” which has been incorrectly translated as the Department of State.

As is clear, this is just a Limited Liability Company in New York, registered with $200, and apart from company information, it has no value as an investment license. The address on this page is the same basement in New York mentioned before. The owner is an individual named DARREN JAMES, and Laxsson’s operators have not published any pictures of this person. Also, it is clear again that the company was registered on 12/27/2022, conflicting with the claim of activity since 2016.

Laxsson has not published any information about its operators and managers. We look at this network’s YouTube channel to see what information we can gather.

A comparison of video views and the channel’s 1.16 million members indicates fabricated channel memberships. Also, the oldest video dates back to 8 months ago, roughly coinciding with the company’s establishment and the start of this scam. Again, there is no news of the company’s managers and officials in the videos, and their identity and images remain hidden.

We examine one of the videos: Laxsson Making everything easy – YouTube Archive

In this video, several people encourage viewers to invest in Laxsson. We examine a few of them.

This lady is actually Josie Sollars, who, for $25 on Fiverr, is willing to read any text you send in front of the camera!

https://www.fiverr.com/justjosiejo/be-your-professional-video-spokespersonArchive https://www.tiktok.com/@just_josie_jo/video/7119423710494313734

In the next section, we see this lady who is actually Steph Elmore, also an actor and dubber.

http://stephelmore.com/ – Archive

The next video features a lady who is actually a model and actor named Veronika wolfs, who will perform any text in front of the camera for $60.

veronikawolfs | Profile | Fiverr – Archive

He is also an actor and dubber named Angus Scott.

Angus Scott – Professional Profile, Photos on StarNow – Archive

In the Telegram group, all the managers are anonymous. One of the managers named Fulbright has published two pictures of himself.

The first picture belongs to an individual named John Siefer.

Our Team — Dream Alive (dreamaliveinc.org)

The second picture has been stolen from an individual named Robert Stinson. (8) Robert Stinson | LinkedIn

Clearly, this company, with the hidden identity of its owners, is deceiving its investors. Now, we check through Google Trends to see in which countries this scam network is concentrated.

It is evident that the focus of this scam network is on the people of two countries, Iran and Ghana.


Given the published videos, this network, with the trick of gatherings and charity parties in poor and middle-class neighborhoods, is advertising and attracting the uninformed capital of people in Ghana and Iran.

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