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Cubotlifestyle.com Review: Beware the Latest Scam Targeting India

Cubotlifestyle.com Review: Beware the Latest Scam Targeting India

cubotlifestyle[.]com (Archive) is a website that has come under Scamminder’s surveillance lately for showing several red flags and signs of being a scam operation.

You can check our ai’s review for cubot lifestyle before having any encounter with their operations here.

Cubotlifestyle is scam

At our first looking, the site looks like an online retailer selling electronics and other digital products at discounted prices. However, upon closer inspection of our AI, there are a number of red flags that indicate cubotlifestyle may not be a legitimate business. 

The main factors leading to the doubt that cubotlifestyle[.]com is a scam are the abundance of negative reviews, the short existence of the domain name registration, hidden ownership information, unrealistic claims about the company’s history, questionable pricing and inventory tactics, low level website design, overuse of promotional language, vague company details, lack of customer reviews, and concerns about payment security.

While not all of these factors alone prove definitively that cubotlifestyle[.]com is a scam, together they paint a very suspicious picture that consumers should be wary of before purchasing from this site. They mainly target customers in India and it seems that they have 2 offices there. We will explore each of these red flags in more detail.

Google Trends results also confirm that they mostly get visits from India.

Cubotlifestyle.com is not legit seller

Negative Reviews Outweigh Positive

One major red flag with cubotlifestyle[.]com is the disproportionately high percentage of negative reviews compared to positive ones. Our research found that negative reviews of the website and its products significantly outnumbered positive feedback. 

This is a warning sign that the site may not be legitimate, as most reputable businesses tend to have more satisfied customers providing positive reviews. The abundance of complaints, warnings, and dissatisfaction expressed in the negative reviews indicates potential shady business practices, poor customer service, counterfeit or low quality products, and other issues that cast doubt on the site’s trustworthiness. 

When negative reviews dominate the feedback for a company, it’s wise to be very cautious about using that business. The concerns brought up in cubotlifestyle’s negative reviews suggest it may be a scam site preying on unsuspecting customers. Anyone considering purchasing from them should heed the warnings in the negative reviews.

New Domain

Cubotlifestyle[.]com is a suspicious website with several red flags that indicate it may be a scam. One major red flag is that the domain name itself was only registered 3 months ago. Most legitimate businesses have domain names that were registered years ago and have built up a long-standing online presence. 

The fact that cubotlifestyle[.]com was so recently registered and launched is a telltale sign of a scam website created quickly to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. Scammers frequently register new domains and set up scam websites that may look professional but lack any history or reputation. .

Hidden Whois Data 

The website has hidden Whois registration data, which is a red flag when evaluating the legitimacy of an online business. Whois is a public database that provides registration information about a domain name, including the registrant’s name, address, phone number and email. 

When this data is hidden or masked through a privacy service, it becomes impossible to identify who actually owns and operates the website. A lack of transparency around ownership suggests the business may be trying to conceal its identity in order to scam customers.

Unrealistic Claims

One major red flag with cubotlifestyle is that the website claims the company has been operating for over 5 years. However, a quick domain lookup shows the cubotlifestyle[.]com domain was first registered just 3 months ago. 

The fact that cubotlifestyle[.]com says they have been selling products for years when their domain was just registered 3 months ago means they are lying to us. This is likely a technique to make their scam operation seem more trustworthy and established than it really is. 

Unrealistically Low Prices and Limited Stock Alerts

cubotlifestyle offers products like smartphones and smartwatches at prices that seem too good to be true. 

The site also frequently has “limited stock” or “only 5 left!” alerts on product pages, creating a false sense of scarcity and urgency for shoppers. This is a common tactic used by scam websites to get people to purchase quickly before realizing it’s a fraud.

Legitimate retailers do not steeply discount newly released high-end electronics like they do. The incredibly low prices are a clear red flag signaling that the products are likely cheap counterfeits at best or that no product will be shipped at all after payment is received. 

No physical address, customer service phone number, or company information is provided either, making it impossible for unhappy customers to get refunds if items never arrive. Shoppers would have no recourse after being scammed.

Spam Marketing

Additionally, this site appears to be using aggressive spam tactics across YouTube and various social media platforms to lure in more potential victims. Their marketing approach is not fit to a legit seller and pushing out a hundreds of videos making people rush to claim the offer is a typical scam way to advertise.

Cubotlifestyle is fake

Unprofessional Website Design 

The Cubotlifestyle website has an amateurish design that raises suspicions. There are several issues:

The overall layout appears sloppy and low-budget. Images are poorly cropped, text spacing is inconsistent, and the color scheme looks hastily thrown together.

Product pages lack key details and specifics. There are vague descriptions without exact dimensions, materials, or technical specifications listed. 

The “Contact” page provides virtually no background on who owns or runs the company. The physical address is given leads to nowhere.

Broken links, misspellings, and other errors are present throughout the site. This demonstrates a lack of effort put into proofreading.

On mobile devices, the site layout breaks down completely. Content is not optimized for smaller screens.

Overall, the site simply does not look or feel like a legitimate, professional ecommerce business. The shoddy design should make customers think twice before trusting Cubotlifestyle with any purchase or financial information. It appears to be a quick, low-quality site meant to scam buyers out of their money. Shoppers should be wary and avoid the store entirely.

Overuse of Promotional Language

One of the most common signs of a scam website is the overuse of promotional language that makes vague claims without any specifics. Cubotlifestyle[.]com heavily relies on enticing but ambiguous wording to try to lure customers in. 

The site is littered with phrases like “amazing deals” and “huge discounts”, but provides no details on the actual prices or percentage discounts and exaggerated claims of “massive savings”.


Cubotlifestyle raises several red flags when it comes to customer reviews that indicate it may be a scam website. 

Beware Cubotlifestyle they are not real

Even tho one review cannot be a source to verify or deny a whole website’s legitimacy, this is the only review (Archive) you can find online by now for them 🙂

There are virtually no independent customer reviews of Cubotlifestyle’s products or service. The website does not have a customer reviews section, and there are no reviews on third-party sites. This lack of reviews is highly suspicious and makes it impossible to verify Cubotlifestyle’s claims or customer experiences.

Legitimate businesses encourage and prominently display customer reviews in order to establish trust and credibility. The complete absence of reviews for Cubotlifestyle suggests the company is deliberately hiding negative feedback or has no actual customers posting reviews.

In conclusion, while this website may seem legitimate at first glance, the reality is quite different. Don’t be fooled by what they’re selling – proceed with extreme caution. For your own protection, it’s best to steer clear entirely

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