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AMS Scam Token Sales: Beware The Fake Youtube Promotions

AMS Scam Token Sales: Beware The Fake Youtube Promotions

The Amsamazon.net Scam Explained

Amsamazon.net is a Scam website that preys on unsuspecting users by creating a site similar to Amazon.com.

At first glance, the site appears to be an authentic Amazon-related service, but it is far from it. The clever use of a similar domain name and interface design is a calculated tactic to lure in potential victims.

The true nature of AMSAmazon.net is a fake token sale. This scam website offers their token presale for various cryptocurrencies, including popular ones like BNB, ETH, BTC, and USDT.

Any funds sent to the provided addresses are immediately lost to the scammers behind the operation.

The Fake Token Sale

AMSAmazon.net scam designed to do a fake token sale. Their wallet addresses are nothing more than traps designed to receive victims’ hard-earned money.

The scammers behind Amsamazon.net spamming codes such as AMS68k, AMS75k, AMS80K, AMS86K, and several others across the internet. These codes are used to lure unsuspecting victims by creating a sense of urgency or exclusivity.

Once the funds are sent, there is no way for recover them, as the transactions are irreversible on the blockchain.

You can see two of their wallets they provide to get users deposits: Btc, Eth.

AMS68k is not legit and its a scam.

The Fake YouTube Channel

The scammers behind AMSAmazon.net have created a fake YouTube channel similar to the well-known crypto influencer Brian Jung. This channel is a main marketing part of their scam tactic, lending credibility to their fraud scheme.

The fake Brian Jung channel features videos promoting the AMSAmazon.net token sale, they even managed to fake channel subscribers numbers and created a channel with more subs number than the real one.

By creating a fake channel and impersonating a public figure like Brian, The AMSAmazon.net aims to legitimize their scam token sale.

Ams80k is Scam


The key to protecting yourself lies in verifying the legitimacy of websites, channels, and addresses before engaging with them. You Can always count on Scamminder’s AI for that matter.
Always double check informations from reputable sources and ask for guidance from trusted people around you or from well-known Ai’s.

Furthermore, it is crucial to spread awareness about these scams within your area. By educating others and sharing experiences, we can create a more secure and trusted environment online.

In the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrency, knowledge is power. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and dont rush to act on anything online without proper eximaniation.

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