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Yandex is a well-known and reputable Russian multinational corporation that specializes in Internet-related products and services, including search and information services, eCommerce, transportation, navigation, and online advertising. It is often referred to as the ‘Google of Russia’ due to its dominant position in the Russian-speaking internet market. Yandex’s services are widely used and trusted by millions of users in Russia and neighboring countries. The website you provided,, is a subdomain of Yandex and is used for various purposes, including email services. As such, it is a legitimate and safe website associated with a highly reputable company. It is important to note that the safety and legitimacy of a website can also depend on how it is used and accessed. Always ensure that you are visiting the official and secure website of Yandex, especially when entering personal or sensitive information. Additionally, be cautious of phishing attempts or fraudulent websites that may mimic the appearance of legitimate sites. Verifying the website’s URL and SSL certificate can help ensure that you are on the authentic Yandex website. Overall, Yandex and its associated domains, including, are considered safe and reliable for users familiar with the company and its services.”

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Reputable company, Widely used and trusted in Russia, Legitimate subdomain of Yandex, Associated with various internet services, Caution regarding phishing and fraudulent websites, Verify website URL and SSL certificate for security.
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