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Why is the trust score of very high? is a Russian online educational platform designed for schoolchildren, their parents, and teachers. The platform offers interactive courses for students from grades 1 to 11, covering subjects such as mathematics, Russian language, English, natural science, geometry, literature, physics, chemistry, history, social studies, biology, and geography. It also provides preparation for the Unified State Exam (USE) and the Basic State Exam (BSE), as well as other developmental activities.

The platform’s interactive approach to learning, with a focus on gamified tasks and challenges, aims to make education engaging and effective for students. Additionally, offers courses in programming, aiming to prepare students for future professions in the field. The platform also emphasizes the importance of financial literacy and offers courses on managing money in a simple and interesting format.’s content includes various educational activities, such as:

– Magical Mathematics: Introducing new knowledge through engaging games.
– Reading: Teaching reading skills and fostering an interest in reading.
– Mathematics Plus: Using a game-based approach to teach logical thinking.
– Brain Training Lessons: Helping to develop critical thinking and memory.
– My Body: Exploring the basics of anatomy and a healthy lifestyle.
– Financial Literacy: Teaching money management in a straightforward and engaging way.
– Cosmic Typing: Teaching touch typing with all ten fingers.
– Literary Circle: Exploring literary works with biographies and illustrations.

The platform also provides support for teachers and parents, aiming to create a collaborative educational environment. It offers features for tracking students’ progress, providing feedback, and facilitating communication between teachers, parents, and students.’s approach aligns with modern trends in education, emphasizing the use of technology and interactive methods to enhance learning outcomes. However, as with any online platform, it’s essential for parents and educators to review the content and ensure that it aligns with their educational goals and values.

Overall, appears to be a legitimate and well-established online educational platform, offering a wide range of interactive courses and resources for students, parents, and teachers. Its focus on engaging, gamified learning experiences and its alignment with educational standards in Russia suggest that it can be a valuable resource for supplementing traditional classroom education.”

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Interactive courses for students from grades 1 to 11, Preparation for the Unified State Exam (USE) and the Basic State Exam (BSE), Courses in programming, Emphasis on financial literacy, Various educational activities, Support for teachers and parents, Alignment with modern trends in education, Emphasis on technology and interactive methods, Collaboration between teachers, parents, and students, Focus on engaging, gamified learning experiences, Alignment with educational standards in Russia
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