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Why is the trust score of very high? is a company that provides solutions for programmatic video advertising. It offers a platform for publishers and advertisers to manage and optimize their video ad inventory and campaigns. The company’s platform includes features such as ad serving, real-time bidding, and audience targeting. aims to help publishers maximize their ad revenue and enable advertisers to reach their target audiences effectively through video ads. The company was founded in 2009 and has since been acquired by Comcast in 2016, becoming part of the Comcast Advanced Advertising group. As a result, is now closely associated with Comcast’s advertising technology and solutions. The company’s services and technologies are designed to address the challenges and opportunities in the rapidly evolving digital video advertising landscape. With the increasing consumption of online video content and the growing demand for targeted and measurable advertising, companies like play a crucial role in facilitating the efficient and effective monetization of video content for publishers and the delivery of engaging and relevant ads for advertisers.’s platform and services are part of the broader ecosystem of ad tech companies that are reshaping the digital advertising industry, particularly in the realm of video advertising. By providing tools for programmatic ad buying and selling, audience segmentation, and performance tracking, contributes to the advancement of more data-driven and impactful video advertising strategies. As part of Comcast, can leverage the resources and expertise of a major player in the media and entertainment industry, potentially enhancing its capabilities and reach in the market. The acquisition by Comcast also reflects the growing importance of digital and programmatic advertising in the overall media landscape, as traditional and digital media continue to converge. Overall, is positioned as a significant player in the programmatic video advertising space, offering technology and services that cater to the needs of both publishers and advertisers in the digital video ecosystem.”

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