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Smart Horizons is a legitimate online education provider and software development company. They offer a range of services, including professional development, accredited high school diploma programs, career certification, and learning management services. The company is an IACET accredited provider, which means they comply with the ANSI/IACET Continuing Education and Training Standard. This accreditation is a significant indicator of their commitment to quality and adherence to recognized standards in the field of continuing education and training. Smart Horizons’ history and growth are outlined on their website, including their origins as the commercial division of Advanced Systems Technology, a company founded in 1984. They have evolved from providing disk-based training to web-based solutions and have a strong focus on software development. The company’s growth and expansion to serve learners and partners in multiple countries are also highlighted. The website provides contact information, including phone numbers, and encourages individuals and organizations to explore their offerings and join their community of learners. The presence of contact information and a clear invitation to engage with the company is a positive sign, as it indicates transparency and a willingness to communicate with potential clients or partners. The website also includes copyright information, terms of service, and a privacy policy, which are important for establishing trust and demonstrating a commitment to legal and ethical standards. The use of a secure, proprietary learning management system and cloud-based software solutions is mentioned, emphasizing their focus on providing a reliable and technologically advanced platform for education and training. Overall, based on the information provided, Smart Horizons appears to be a reputable and established company in the field of online education and software development.”

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IACET accreditation, Long history and evolution, International reach, Contact information provided, Encouragement to engage, Legal and ethical standards, Secure and proprietary learning management system, Cloud-based software solutions
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