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Rostelecom is a major Russian telecommunications company and one of the largest national operators in the country. It provides a wide range of services, including fixed-line and mobile telephony, broadband internet, digital television, and various IT solutions for businesses. Rostelecom has a significant presence in the Russian market and is known for its extensive network infrastructure.

As a publicly traded company, Rostelecom is subject to regulatory oversight and financial reporting requirements. It is listed on the Moscow Exchange and has a diverse shareholder base.

Rostelecom’s services are used by millions of customers across Russia, and the company plays a crucial role in the country’s telecommunications and digital infrastructure. It has been involved in various initiatives to expand broadband access, improve network quality, and develop innovative technologies.

In addition to its commercial activities, Rostelecom is also involved in social and corporate responsibility efforts. This includes initiatives related to digital inclusion, environmental sustainability, and community development.

Overall, Rostelecom is a well-established and reputable telecommunications company with a significant presence in the Russian market. Its services are widely used, and it is an important player in the country’s digital and telecommunications landscape.”

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Well-established and reputable telecommunications company, Major national operator in Russia, Offers a wide range of services including telephony, internet, and digital TV, Significant presence in the Russian market, Extensive network infrastructure, Subject to regulatory oversight and financial reporting requirements, Listed on the Moscow Exchange, Diverse shareholder base, Services used by millions of customers in Russia, Plays a crucial role in the country's telecommunications and digital infrastructure, Involved in initiatives to expand broadband access and improve network quality, Active in developing innovative technologies, Engaged in social and corporate responsibility efforts, Including digital inclusion and environmental sustainability, Important player in Russia's telecommunications and digital landscape
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