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Why is the trust score of very high? redirected to https// during the time we crawled it. Pixiv is a well-established and reputable online community for artists, particularly those focused on anime and manga. It was launched in 2007 and has since grown to become one of the largest and most active platforms for sharing and discovering artwork. The site allows users to create and manage their own profiles, upload their artwork, and interact with other members through comments, likes, and private messages. It also provides various features to help artists showcase their work, such as the ability to organize their art into collections and participate in contests and challenges.

One of the key aspects of Pixiv is its emphasis on user interaction and community engagement. Members can follow each other, forming networks of mutual support and inspiration. This social aspect is further enhanced by the ability to create and join groups based on shared interests or artistic styles. Additionally, Pixiv offers a feature called “Pixivision,” which is a curated section highlighting exceptional artwork and artists, helping to promote talented creators within the community.

In terms of content, Pixiv is known for its diverse range of art, with a particular focus on anime, manga, and related genres. While the majority of the content is visual art, including illustrations and digital paintings, the platform also supports other forms of creative expression, such as written stories and comics.

To ensure a positive and respectful environment, Pixiv has community guidelines and moderation in place. This helps maintain a standard of quality and appropriateness for the content shared on the platform. Users can report any violations of the guidelines, and Pixiv’s staff will take appropriate action.

Overall, Pixiv is a valuable resource for artists and art enthusiasts, providing a platform for creative expression, collaboration, and community building. Its longevity, large user base, and active engagement make it a trusted and safe space for those interested in exploring and sharing art, particularly within the anime and manga genres.”

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Longevity and Established Reputation, Large and Active User Base, Emphasis on User Interaction and Community Engagement, Social Features for Networking and Support, Group Creation and Joining, Curated Section for Promoting Exceptional Artwork, Diverse Range of Artistic Content, Focus on Anime, Manga, and Related Genres, Support for Various Forms of Creative Expression, Community Guidelines and Moderation for Content Quality and Respectful Environment, Reporting System for Violations, Valuable Resource for Artists and Art Enthusiasts, Platform for Creative Expression, Collaboration, and Community Building, Trusted and Safe Space for Exploring and Sharing Art, Particularly in Anime and Manga Genres
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