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The website is a profile page for an illustrator and manga artist named おしおしお (Oshioshio). The content includes information about the artist’s work, such as designing virtual YouTubers (VTubers) like Kanata Amane from Hololive and Kirame Koko from Nijisanji, as well as ongoing manga series and other illustration projects. It also mentions the artist’s participation in events like the Comiket (Comic Market) and provides details about their work and plans.

The site seems to be a legitimate profile page for the artist, providing updates and information about their work and activities. It’s hosted on the domain, which is a platform for creators to share their content and engage with supporters. The SSL certificate is issued by Google Trust Services, indicating a secure connection for the website.

Given the nature of the content and the platform it’s hosted on, there are no immediate red flags for this website. However, as with any online content, it’s always a good practice to verify the legitimacy of the creator and their work, especially if there are any financial transactions or support involved.”

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Legitimate artist profile page, SSL certificate for secure connection, Hosted on a known platform for creators, No obvious red flags in the content
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