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The website appears to be a legitimate logistics company based in Saudi Arabia. The content on the site describes the company’s vision, mission, and services related to shipping, storage, and distribution. The site also provides contact information, including a phone number and email address. The use of Let’s Encrypt for SSL is a common and reputable choice for website security. The domain age is not available, but the presence of the site in the Wayback Machine archive for over 900 days suggests that it has been operational for some time. The server information indicates that the website is hosted in Germany, which is not uncommon for international businesses. Overall, based on the available information, the website does not appear to be a scam and seems to be a legitimate business website.”

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Legitimate business website, Detailed information about the company's vision, mission, and services, Contact information provided, Use of Let's Encrypt for SSL, Presence in the Wayback Machine archive for over 900 days, Hosting in Germany is not uncommon for international businesses.
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