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Why is the trust score of strongly low? redirected to https// during the time we crawled it. The website claims to offer authentic doctor’s notes for a fee, without requiring an actual medical consultation. This raises several red flags:

1. **Lack of Medical Consultation**: A genuine doctor’s note should be issued after a medical consultation, where the doctor assesses the patient’s condition. Offering a note without this consultation is highly irregular.

2. **Unverifiable Authenticity**: While the website claims the notes are authentic, the lack of a proper medical consultation and the ease of obtaining the note online make it difficult to verify the authenticity.

3. **No Refunds**: The policy of not offering refunds once the note is received is concerning. Legitimate medical services typically have provisions for refunds or revisions if there are genuine issues.

4. **Sole Focus on Notes**: The website seems to primarily focus on providing notes, which is unusual for a legitimate medical service. Most medical practices offer a range of services beyond just providing notes.

5. **Limited Information on Doctors**: While the website mentions a team of board-certified doctors, there is no way to verify this information or to learn more about the doctors’ qualifications and credentials.

6. **Customer Reviews**: While the website features positive customer reviews, these could be fabricated or selectively chosen to present a positive image.

7. **Operating Hours and Sabbath Reference**: The specific mention of observing the biblical Sabbath and its link to a separate website is unusual for a medical service and could be a tactic to appear more trustworthy.

8. **Low Cost**: The flat fee of $39.99 for a doctor’s note, regardless of the nature of the illness or the consultation involved, is unusually low for a genuine medical service.

9. **HIPAA Compliance**: While the website claims to be 100% HIPAA compliant, this is difficult to verify without a deeper understanding of their data handling and security practices.

10. **Telehealth Disclaimer**: The website mentions that they are not a substitute for a primary care provider, which is an important disclaimer, but it also raises questions about the nature of their service.

In conclusion, the website’s business model and the way it offers medical notes without proper consultation raise significant concerns about its legitimacy. It’s advisable to exercise caution and seek traditional medical advice from established healthcare providers for any medical documentation needs.”

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Lack of Medical Consultation, Unverifiable Authenticity, No Refunds, Sole Focus on Notes, Limited Information on Doctors, Customer Reviews, Operating Hours and Sabbath Reference, Low Cost, HIPAA Compliance, Telehealth Disclaimer
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