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Why is the trust score of high? redirected to https// during the time we crawled it. is a domain name owned by Let’s Encrypt, a well-known and reputable certificate authority. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the nonprofit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). It provides digital certificates for enabling HTTPS (SSL/TLS) on websites, and its services are widely used and trusted across the internet. The purpose of is to host data that is referenced inside the certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt. This data is used for certificate validation and verification by client software, such as web browsers and apps, when they encounter a site with a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Key Points:

1. **Reputable Organization:** Let’s Encrypt is a well-established and trusted certificate authority in the cybersecurity and web hosting industry. It is known for its commitment to providing free and secure digital certificates.

2. **Certificate Validation:** The data hosted on is used for certificate validation and verification, ensuring the authenticity and validity of Let’s Encrypt certificates when they are encountered by client software.

3. **Non-Malicious Purpose:** The data on is explicitly stated to never be malicious. It is used for routine and essential functions related to certificate validation, and its use is a standard part of the HTTPS security infrastructure.

4. **Connection Patterns:** The pattern of clients’ connections to might look unusual or intermittent, but this is explained by the nature of how client software verifies certificates and retrieves necessary data for validation.

5. **HTTPS and OCSP:** The use of HTTP for serving OCSP responses is explained as a standard practice, and the security of the data is maintained through timestamping and cryptographic signing.

6. **Domain Name Choice:** The choice of the domain name is explained as a deliberate effort to keep URLs as small as possible for efficiency, given the high volume of HTTPS connections on the web.

7. **Contact Information:** The website provides clear contact information, including a physical address and details for sending mail or inquiries.

8. **Additional Information:** The website includes links to further information about Let’s Encrypt, its nonprofit status, and its work in the cybersecurity field.

Given these points, is a legitimate domain associated with Let’s Encrypt, and its purpose is integral to the proper functioning of HTTPS security on the web. It is not a cause for concern and is part of the standard infrastructure for secure web browsing.”

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Reputable Organization, Certificate Validation, Non-Malicious Purpose, Connection Patterns, HTTPS and OCSP, Domain Name Choice, Contact Information, Additional Information
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