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Why is the trust score of very high? redirected to https// during the time we crawled it. Kargo is a digital advertising company that specializes in creating ad solutions for leading brands. They focus on mobile, connected TV, social media, and e-commerce campaigns. Kargo’s approach involves using AI-powered contextual targeting, creative science, and direct integration with leading DSPs to deliver effective and engaging advertising experiences. The company emphasizes its commitment to quality inventory and avoiding “made for advertising” (MFA), cheap reach, or rebroadcasting sites. Kargo’s website provides information about their solutions, case studies, ad specifications, and insights into the digital advertising industry. They also offer resources for publishers and information about their company, including news, careers, and a blog. Overall, Kargo appears to be a legitimate and established player in the digital advertising space, with a focus on innovation and quality in their ad solutions.”

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Established player in the digital advertising industry, Focus on innovation and quality in ad solutions, Emphasis on AI-powered contextual targeting and creative science, Direct integration with leading DSPs, Commitment to avoiding "made for advertising" (MFA) and low-quality inventory, Provides resources for publishers and industry insights, Information about the company, including news, careers, and a blog
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