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Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform used as educational technology in schools and other educational institutions. It is designed to make learning fun and engaging through interactive quizzes and games. The platform allows educators to create and share learning games, or “kahoots,” and students can participate in these games using their smartphones, tablets, or computers. Kahoot! has gained popularity for its ability to promote active learning and student engagement in the classroom.

Kahoot! games are typically played in a group setting, with the game displayed on a shared screen, and players answering questions on their own devices. The platform supports multiple-choice questions, polls, and surveys, and it provides immediate feedback to players, making the learning experience interactive and dynamic.

Educators can use Kahoot! to assess students’ understanding of a topic, review material, or introduce new concepts in a fun and interactive way. The platform also offers a variety of pre-made kahoots on different subjects, allowing educators to easily find and use games created by others.

Kahoot! has been praised for its ability to increase student participation and motivation in the classroom. It is often used as a form of formative assessment, allowing educators to gauge students’ understanding and adjust their teaching accordingly. Additionally, the competitive and game-like nature of Kahoot! can make learning more enjoyable for students.

In addition to its use in traditional classroom settings, Kahoot! has also been used in corporate training and team-building activities. The platform’s versatility and user-friendly interface have contributed to its widespread adoption in various educational and professional contexts.

Overall, Kahoot! is a well-established and reputable platform in the field of educational technology. Its focus on gamification and interactive learning has made it a popular choice for educators looking to engage their students in a fun and effective way. When used responsibly and in line with best practices for educational technology, Kahoot! can be a valuable tool for promoting active learning and student engagement.”

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Game-based learning platform, Interactive quizzes and games, Designed to make learning fun and engaging, Educators can create and share learning games, Students participate using smartphones, tablets, or computers, Promotes active learning and student engagement, Games played in a group setting, Immediate feedback to players, Supports multiple-choice questions, polls, and surveys, Used for formative assessment, Increases student participation and motivation, Versatile platform for various educational contexts, Also used in corporate training and team-building, Focus on gamification and interactive learning, Popular choice for educators.
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