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Why is the trust score of very high? redirected to http// during the time we crawled it. is the Taiwan-specific version of the Google search engine. It provides a localized search experience for users in Taiwan, offering search results, news, and other services tailored to the Taiwanese market. The website is owned and operated by Google LLC, a multinational technology company known for its search engine, online advertising, and various other internet-related services. Google is one of the most widely used and trusted search engines globally, and its various country-specific domains, including, are generally considered safe and reliable for conducting online searches and accessing information. As with any website, it’s important for users to exercise caution and be mindful of internet security best practices, such as avoiding clicking on suspicious links and being aware of potential phishing attempts. However, in the case of, it is a legitimate and widely used search engine that provides valuable services to users in Taiwan.”

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Reputable company, Widely used search engine, Offers localized search experience for Taiwan, Provides search results, news, and other services, Owned and operated by Google LLC, A multinational technology company, Known for its search engine and online advertising, Generally considered safe and reliable, Users should still exercise caution and follow internet security best practices
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  Website content is accessible

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  High review rate by AI

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  Domain ranks within the top 1M on the Tranco list

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