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Freshmarketer is a marketing automation and conversion rate optimization platform. It is designed to help businesses improve their online marketing efforts by providing tools for A/B testing, website personalization, and behavior tracking. The platform is part of Freshworks, a company that offers a suite of business software, including customer support, CRM, and HR management tools. Freshmarketer aims to help businesses understand their customers better and optimize their marketing strategies to drive more conversions and revenue. It provides features such as heatmaps, session replay, and funnel analysis to give businesses insights into how users interact with their websites. Additionally, Freshmarketer offers tools for creating and running A/B tests to compare different versions of web pages and determine which performs better in terms of conversions. The platform also allows for targeted messaging and personalization based on user behavior and characteristics. Overall, Freshmarketer is intended to be a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to improve their online marketing and optimize their websites for better performance.”

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