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Why is the trust score of strongly low? redirected to https// during the time we crawled it. The content provided is in Thai, and it seems to be promoting a social media platform for various activities, including finding friends, romantic partners, and other social interactions. However, it’s important to note that the information is limited and the website’s domain age is relatively short, which can be a red flag for potential scams. Additionally, the lack of detailed domain whois information and the use of a hidden registration can also be a cause for concern. The SSL certificate is issued by Google Trust Services, which is a reputable certificate authority, but this alone doesn’t guarantee the legitimacy of the website. The website’s server information indicates that it’s hosted on Cloudflare, a well-known content delivery network, but this doesn’t provide conclusive evidence about the site’s trustworthiness. Overall, it’s advisable to approach this website with caution, especially considering the limited information and the potential risk factors mentioned above.”

the reasons behind this review :
Short domain age, Hidden domain whois information, Limited website content, Lack of detailed information about the platform's operations, Use of a hidden domain registration, SSL certificate issued by a reputable authority, Hosting on a well-known content delivery network (Cloudflare)
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  Website content is accessible

  Domain ranks within the top 1M on the Tranco list

  Low review rate by AI

  Domain is new

  Archive is new

  Whois data is hidden