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Eepurl is a URL shortening service that was created by Mailchimp, a well-known and reputable email marketing platform. The purpose of Eepurl was to provide a trackable shortening service for Mailchimp’s built-in Twitter integration. However, it’s important to note that the service is no longer available for public use. Mailchimp made this change to protect the reputation of the domain and maintain high deliverability rates for its customers who use Eepurls in their email campaigns. Despite the public service being discontinued, existing Eepurl links are still being redirected, and the service continues to work within the Mailchimp app. If you’re interested in creating your own URL shortener, Mailchimp recommends considering Shaun Inman’s Lessn as an alternative. Building your own URL shortener can help avoid potential issues with links being associated with a blacklisted domain name. Overall, Eepurl, as a service provided by Mailchimp, is considered safe and reputable within the context of email marketing and URL shortening. It’s important to be cautious when using any URL shortening service, as they can sometimes be used for malicious purposes. However, in the case of Eepurl, its association with Mailchimp and its history as a legitimate tool for email marketing purposes contribute to its overall safety and reliability.”

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Association with Mailchimp, Discontinued public service, Continued functionality within Mailchimp app, Recommendation for alternative URL shortener, Caution regarding URL shortening services
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