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Why is the trust score of very high? is a legitimate and well-established platform for buying and selling domain names. It has been in operation for nearly three decades, and its services are widely used and trusted in the domain industry. The platform provides a secure and transparent marketplace for domain transactions, with features such as buyer protection and assistance with domain transfers. It also caters to the specific needs of domain investors, offering a dedicated platform for their activities. The company’s commitment to security and customer support is evident in its practices, such as monitoring transactions for fraud prevention and providing assistance to buyers after their purchases. Additionally, has a high average rating on Trustpilot, indicating a positive overall experience for many users. The platform’s clear and user-friendly interface, along with its emphasis on transparency and simplicity in domain trading, further supports its reputation as a reliable and safe option for buying and selling domain names. Overall, is a reputable and trustworthy platform for domain transactions, and its long history in the industry and positive user feedback contribute to its status as a safe and reliable choice for domain investors and businesses seeking to acquire or sell domain names.”

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Long history in the industry, Positive user feedback, Secure and transparent marketplace, Buyer protection program, Assistance with domain transfers, Dedicated platform for domain investors, Commitment to security and fraud prevention, High average rating on Trustpilot, Clear and user-friendly interface, Emphasis on transparency and simplicity in domain trading
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