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Why is the trust score of high? redirected to https// during the time we crawled it. Corporate Security University (CSU) is a legitimate educational institution focusing on security education and certifications for professionals, teams, and corporations. The website provides information about various courses, testimonials from individuals who have benefited from their programs, and details about their podcast, blog, and consulting services. The content is consistent with the stated focus on security education and certification. The website also includes a login portal, indicating that they have a system for managing user accounts, likely for enrolled students or members. The SSL certificate is issued by Google Trust Services, which is a reputable certificate authority. The domain has been registered for over two years, and the website has been archived multiple times, indicating a history of existence and activity. The server information shows that the website is hosted on Cloudflare, a well-known and widely used web infrastructure and security company. Overall, based on the available information, Corporate Security University appears to be a legitimate and safe website for individuals interested in security education and certifications.”

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Legitimate educational institution, Focus on security education and certifications, Information about various courses, Testimonials from individuals, Details about podcast, blog, and consulting services, Login portal for managing user accounts, SSL certificate issued by Google Trust Services, Domain registered for over two years, Website archived multiple times, Hosted on Cloudflare, a reputable web infrastructure and security company.
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