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Why is the trust score of very high? redirected to https// during the time we crawled it. Aqua Platform is a company specializing in cloud-based ad server hosting, systems, and technology. Their services include hosting and managing ad server systems, particularly focusing on the Revive Adserver software. The website provides information about their Aqua Ad Server solution, which is a hosted ad serving system with a low monthly fee. They also offer Revive Adserver hosting, allowing organizations to migrate their existing self-hosted Revive Adserver systems to the Aqua Platform.

The website emphasizes the benefits of their platform, such as high performance, high availability, and the expertise of their team in managing ad server technology. They highlight the similarities and differences between Aqua Ad Server and Revive Adserver hosting, targeting different user groups based on their ad serving needs.

The site also includes contact information for getting in touch with their team, a customer support portal, and real-time status information about their services.

Overall, Aqua Platform appears to be a legitimate company offering specialized services in the ad server hosting and management domain. The information provided on their website aligns with the typical offerings and features of such services, and the site design and content are professional and consistent with industry standards.

However, as with any online service provider, it’s advisable to conduct further research and, if possible, seek out reviews or testimonials from other users to ensure the quality and reliability of their services. Additionally, it’s important to review their terms of service and privacy policies before engaging with the company.

In summary, based on the information available, Aqua Platform seems to be a legitimate and professional company in the field of ad server hosting and management. However, as with any business, it’s recommended to exercise due diligence and consider additional sources of information and reviews before making a decision to engage with their services.”

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Specializes in cloud-based ad server hosting and technology, Offers Aqua Ad Server, a hosted ad serving system, Provides Revive Adserver hosting for migration to their platform, Emphasizes high performance and availability of their cloud platform, Highlights the expertise of their team in ad server technology, Includes contact information and customer support portal on the website, Provides real-time status information about their services, Professional website design and content consistent with industry standards, Recommendations for further research and review of terms of service and privacy policies
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