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Why is the trust score of very low?

The website appears to be a scam. Here are the reasons:

1. Lack of Professionalism: The website’s design and content lack professionalism. The use of informal language and excessive use of exclamation marks is often a red flag for scam websites.

2. Unrealistic Claims: The website makes unrealistic claims about the effectiveness of its products, such as “relieve back, hip, and knee pain while sleeping” and “naturally prevent or relieve chronic neck, back, & leg pain in minutes.” These claims are exaggerated and not supported by credible medical evidence.

3. Testimonials: The testimonials on the website may be fabricated or exaggerated. It’s common for scam websites to use fake testimonials to create a false sense of trust.

4. Limited Product Information: The website provides limited information about the products, such as their materials, manufacturing process, and scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness.

5. High Discount Rates: The significant discounts on the products, such as a regular price of $106 reduced to $49, are often used as a tactic to lure customers into making quick purchases without proper evaluation.

6. No Verifiable Contact Information: The website may lack verifiable contact information, such as a physical address or a customer service phone number. This makes it difficult for customers to reach out in case of issues.

7. Vague Return Policy: If the website has a return policy, it may be vague or difficult to understand. Scam websites often make it challenging for customers to return products or get refunds.

8. Limited Payment Options: Scam websites may offer limited or unconventional payment options, such as only accepting wire transfers or cryptocurrency, which can be risky for customers.

9. Lack of Trust Seals: Legitimate e-commerce websites often display trust seals from reputable security and privacy organizations. The absence of such trust seals on the website is a red flag.

10. Suspicious Domain Age: While the domain age is relatively short, it’s not a definitive indicator of a scam. However, when combined with other red flags, it can contribute to suspicions.

11. No Verifiable Company Information: The website may lack clear information about the company behind the products, such as its history, leadership, and reputation.

12. Overemphasis on Money-Back Guarantee: Scam websites often overemphasize their money-back guarantee as a way to create a false sense of security for customers.

It’s important to approach websites like with caution and conduct thorough research before making any purchases. Look for independent reviews, check for the website’s presence on reputable e-commerce platforms, and verify the legitimacy of the company behind the products. If in doubt, it’s best to refrain from making any purchases.”

the reasons behind this review :
Lack of Professionalism, Unrealistic Claims, Testimonials, Limited Product Information, High Discount Rates, No Verifiable Contact Information, Vague Return Policy, Limited Payment Options, Lack of Trust Seals, Suspicious Domain Age, No Verifiable Company Information, Overemphasis on Money-Back Guarantee
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