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Why is the trust score of very high? redirected to https// during the time we crawled it. Dotdash Meredith is a legitimate and well-established digital and print publisher. It is the largest publisher in the United States, with a diverse portfolio of brands including People, Better Homes & Gardens, Allrecipes, Investopedia, Verywell, and more. The company’s headquarters are in New York, with additional offices in Des Moines and Birmingham. Dotdash Meredith’s leadership team is publicly listed, and the company provides contact information for various inquiries, including advertising, marketing, and press. The website also includes links to its terms of service, privacy policy, and codes of business conduct and ethics, demonstrating a commitment to transparency and corporate responsibility. The SSL certificate used by the website is issued by Let’s Encrypt, a well-known and reputable certificate authority. The domain has a long history, with a registration age of over 24 years, indicating stability and credibility. The website’s server information shows that it is hosted on Fastly, Inc., a prominent content delivery network. Overall, based on the provided information, Dotdash Meredith appears to be a legitimate and trustworthy company in the publishing industry. It has a strong online presence and a history of providing valuable content through its various brands. However, as with any online interaction, it’s always advisable to exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of specific communications or transactions, especially when sharing personal or financial information.”

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Long history of over 24 years, Diverse portfolio of well-known brands, Publicly listed leadership team, Contact information provided for various inquiries, Commitment to transparency and corporate responsibility demonstrated through links to terms of service, privacy policy, and codes of business conduct and ethics, Use of SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt, a reputable certificate authority, Hosting on Fastly, Inc., a prominent content delivery network.
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