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Why is the trust score of very low?

The website content provided is a mix of red flags commonly associated with scam or fraudulent websites. Here are some reasons for concern:

Overpromising Results: The website claims that their product can boost testosterone, increase size, skyrocket mood and energy, and enhance skin radiance. These are exaggerated and unrealistic claims, especially the promise of physical growth.

Fake Testimonials: The testimonials provided on the website are overly positive and lack specific details. They are also not verifiable, which is a common tactic used in fake reviews.

Unrealistic Statistics: The website mentions that 98% reported an increase in size, 97% experienced sharper focus, and 94% had increased energy and clearer skin. These statistics are highly unlikely and not supported by credible evidence.

Lack of Scientific Evidence: The website does not provide any scientific studies or evidence to support the effectiveness of their product. Legitimate health products usually have research or clinical trials backing their claims.

Unsubstantiated Health Claims: The website makes bold claims about the health benefits of their product, such as boosting testosterone and enhancing skin radiance, without providing credible evidence.

Highly Discounted Prices: The significant discount on the product’s price, such as “save 50%,” is a common tactic used by scam websites to create a sense of urgency and encourage quick purchases.

Repetitive and Excessive Marketing Phrases: The excessive repetition of phrases like “total wellness in a capsule,” “30-day money-back guarantee,” and “verified 60-day guarantee” can be a tactic to create a false sense of trust and reliability.

Vague Product Information: The website lacks detailed information about the product’s ingredients, manufacturing process, and potential side effects. Legitimate health products usually provide transparent and comprehensive information.

Inconsistent and Unprofessional Language: The use of informal and exaggerated language, as well as grammatical errors, can be a sign of unprofessionalism and lack of credibility.

Overall, the website exhibits several characteristics commonly associated with scam or fraudulent websites. It’s important to approach such websites with caution and conduct thorough research before making any purchases.”

the reasons behind this review :
Overpromising Results, Fake Testimonials, Unrealistic Statistics, Lack of Scientific Evidence, Unsubstantiated Health Claims, Highly Discounted Prices, Repetitive and Excessive Marketing Phrases, Vague Product Information, Inconsistent and Unprofessional Language
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