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The website raises several red flags that are commonly associated with online scams:

Unrealistic Discounts: Offering items at 90% off their supposed original price is a common tactic used by scam websites to lure in unsuspecting customers. It’s highly unusual for a legitimate retailer to offer such steep and consistent discounts across a wide range of products.

Suspiciously Low Prices: The prices listed for the items are extremely low, especially considering the original prices they claim. For example, a dress originally priced at €249 being sold for €24 is highly implausible for a genuine product.

Lack of Brand Information: While the website mentions the Xandres fashion label, there’s no substantial information about the brand, its history, or its reputation. Legitimate fashion brands typically provide detailed background information to build trust with customers.

No Customer Reviews: A lack of customer reviews or testimonials on the website is another warning sign. Established and reputable online stores usually have customer feedback prominently displayed to build credibility.

Poor Website Design: The website’s design appears unprofessional and lacks the polish and attention to detail commonly seen in legitimate online stores.

No Contact Information: Legitimate businesses provide clear and easily accessible contact information, including a physical address and customer service phone number. The absence of this information is concerning.

Suspicious Domain Name: The inclusion of “vipstore” in the domain name is a common tactic used by scam websites to give the impression of exclusivity and special deals.

Lack of Security Seals: The absence of recognizable security seals, such as those from trusted payment processors or SSL certificates, is a red flag. It suggests that the website may not be secure for online transactions.

Overall, the combination of these factors strongly suggests that is likely a scam website. It’s advisable to exercise extreme caution and avoid making any purchases on this site.”

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Unrealistic Discounts, Suspiciously Low Prices, Lack of Brand Information, No Customer Reviews, Poor Website Design, No Contact Information, Suspicious Domain Name, Lack of Security Seals
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