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The website “” appears to be a scam. Here are the reasons:

1. Lack of Information: The website lacks detailed information about the company, its location, and its team. Legitimate businesses usually provide this information to build trust with customers.

2. Unrealistic Offers: The claim of “all items for $99” and “up to 70% off + extra 20% off” during the “wavymy prime day sale” can be a common tactic used by scam websites to lure in customers with unrealistic discounts.

3. Limited Product Availability: The message “no more products available for purchase” can be a red flag, especially if it persists over time. It may indicate that the website is not actively maintaining its inventory, which is unusual for a legitimate e-commerce site.

4. Vague Product Descriptions: The website’s product descriptions are vague and lack specific details about the materials, construction, and other important information that customers would typically look for when purchasing wigs or hair products.

5. Generic Content: The content on the website, such as “wear go glueless wigs” and “wavymy hair in moments,” is generic and lacks the depth and specificity that one would expect from a reputable hair product retailer.

6. Limited Payment and Shipping Information: While the website claims to offer “100% secure payment,” it’s important to verify the security measures in place. Additionally, the details about shipping, including the regions served and estimated delivery times, are not clearly provided.

7. No Customer Reviews or Testimonials: Legitimate e-commerce websites often feature customer reviews and testimonials to build credibility. The absence of such content on this site is a potential concern.

8. Short Domain Age: The domain “” has a relatively short lifespan of 3 years and 9 months. While this alone is not conclusive evidence of a scam, it’s a factor to consider, especially when combined with other red flags.

9. Hidden Domain Whois Information: The fact that the domain whois information is hidden can make it difficult to verify the legitimacy of the website and its owners.

10. Limited Contact Information: The website provides limited contact information, which can make it challenging for customers to reach out for support or inquiries.

It’s important to exercise caution when considering making a purchase from this website. If you’re interested in their products, consider reaching out to their customer support for more information and pay attention to any warning signs or inconsistencies in their responses.”

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  Whois data is hidden