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Why is the trust score of very low?

The website content you provided contains several red flags that are commonly associated with scam or fraudulent websites:

1. Lack of Specific Information: The website provides vague and generic information about its services, such as “innovative products” and “highly analytical approach,” without providing specific details or examples.

2. Unrealistic Claims: The website makes unrealistic claims, such as “guaranteed fair price” for banking services and “over 800,000 satisfied users from all over the world.” Such claims are often used in scams to create a false sense of credibility.

3. Generic Language: The use of generic and non-specific language, such as “a place for everyone who wants to simply banking system,” is a common tactic in scam websites to appeal to a broad audience without providing meaningful information.

4. Lack of Transparency: The website does not provide clear information about its ownership, management team, or physical address. Legitimate financial institutions typically have transparent corporate information.

5. High-Risk Services: The website offers a wide range of financial services, including personal and business banking, lending, and investment, which is unusual for a single company and could be a sign of a scam.

6. Overemphasis on Technology: The website repeatedly emphasizes its use of new technology, including artificial intelligence, without providing specific details or evidence of its technological capabilities.

7. COVID-19 Relief Loan: The mention of a “COVID pandemic relief loan” could be a tactic to exploit the current global health crisis for fraudulent purposes.

8. Lack of External Verification: The website does not provide links to independent reviews, customer testimonials, or verifiable third-party sources that can confirm its legitimacy and quality of service.

9. Unusual Domain Name: The use of a domain name that does not match the company’s brand or is overly generic (e.g., “”) can be a red flag.

10. High-Risk Features: The website mentions features like “secure storage” for digital assets, which are typically associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain, and can be high-risk areas for scams.

It’s important to exercise caution when dealing with websites that exhibit these red flags. If you are considering using the services of a financial institution, especially for significant transactions or investments, it’s advisable to thoroughly research the company, seek independent reviews, and verify its credentials with relevant regulatory authorities or industry organizations.”

the reasons behind this review :
Lack of Specific Information, Unrealistic Claims, Generic Language, Lack of Transparency, High-Risk Services, Overemphasis on Technology, COVID-19 Relief Loan, Lack of External Verification, Unusual Domain Name, High-Risk Features
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