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Why is the trust score of very low? appears to be a scam website. Several red flags indicate this:

Unrealistic promises: The website claims to offer high returns through trading in forex and cryptocurrencies. However, such high and consistent returns are not realistic in these markets and are often a hallmark of investment scams.

Lack of detailed information: The website is vague about its trading strategies, team, and company history. Legitimate investment platforms usually provide transparent and detailed information about these aspects.

Fake testimonials: The testimonials on the website are generic and lack specific details. They are often used in scams to create a false sense of trust.

No regulatory information: While the website claims to be a registered and licensed company, there is no verifiable information about its regulatory status. Legitimate financial companies are usually regulated and provide their registration details.

Poor website design and language: The website’s design and language quality are subpar, which is often a sign of a hastily put together scam site.

High-pressure tactics: The website may use high-pressure sales tactics to urge visitors to invest quickly, a common strategy in investment scams.

It’s important to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before investing in any platform, especially if it makes extraordinary claims about returns. Always verify the legitimacy of a company and its investment offerings through independent sources before committing any funds.”

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Unrealistic promises, Lack of detailed information, Fake testimonials, No regulatory information, Poor website design and language, High-pressure tactics
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