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Why is the trust score of very high? redirected to https// during the time we crawled it. The website appears to be the official site of a school called “Scuola Angela Merici” in Desenzano del Garda, Italy. The content is related to the school’s educational programs, services offered, contact information, and other relevant details. It seems to be a legitimate and safe website for the school, providing information for parents and students. The site includes sections about the school’s history, educational approach, services for families, and contact information for the administration. It also features a menu with links to different sections, such as “Chi Siamo” (About Us), “Scuole” (Schools), “Servizi alla Famiglia” (Family Services), “Vita Scolastica” (School Life), “Servizi” (Services), “Registro Elettronico” (Electronic Register), “Mensa” (Cafeteria), “Area Genitori” (Parents’ Area), “Domanda Iscrizione” (Enrollment Application), “Rette” (Fees), and “Amministrazione Trasparente” (Transparent Administration). The site also provides contact information, including the school’s address, phone number, and email for the administrative and educational staff. Additionally, there are links to the school’s social media profiles, such as Facebook and Instagram. Overall, the website seems to be a standard, informative platform for a school, providing details about its programs, services, and contact information for interested parties.”

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Official website of a school, Provides information about educational programs and services, Contact information for the school administration, Links to the school's social media profiles, Describes the school's history and educational approach, Menu with links to different sections for easy navigation, Includes a section for parents with relevant information, Appears to be a standard, informative platform for a school.
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