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MyFatoorah is a legitimate online payment gateway and financial technology company. It provides secure and convenient payment solutions for businesses and individuals in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The website is the portal for users to log in and access their MyFatoorah accounts. It’s common for legitimate financial service providers to have secure login portals for their users. The presence of a valid SSL certificate from a reputable issuer like DigiCert also indicates that the website is secure for transmitting data. Additionally, the fact that the domain has been registered for several years and has a long history (as seen in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine) is a positive sign, as it’s typical for scam websites to have short lifespans. The server location in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, aligns with MyFatoorah’s focus on the MENA region. Overall, based on the available information, appears to be a legitimate and safe website for users to access their MyFatoorah accounts.”

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Legitimate financial service provider, Secure login portal, Valid SSL certificate from DigiCert, Long domain history, Server location in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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