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Permutive is a legitimate company that provides an audience platform for publishers and advertisers. It enables publishers to monetize their audience data while respecting consumer privacy. The platform is designed to help publishers increase their ad revenue and build deeper relationships with advertisers. It also allows advertisers to collaborate with premium publishers to target audiences with precision and scale, all while safeguarding data privacy. The company has a number of case studies and testimonials from reputable sources, demonstrating the effectiveness of their platform. Additionally, Permutive’s technology, such as on-device processing and edge processing, is explained in detail to showcase their commitment to privacy and data security. The company’s website provides comprehensive information about their solutions, technology, and the benefits for both publishers and advertisers. Overall, Permutive appears to be a legitimate and reputable company in the digital advertising industry.”

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Legitimate company, Provides audience platform for publishers and advertisers, Helps publishers monetize audience data while respecting privacy, Aims to increase ad revenue for publishers, Allows advertisers to collaborate with premium publishers, Emphasizes data privacy and security, Case studies and testimonials from reputable sources, Detailed information about their technology and solutions, Comprehensive website with clear explanations of their offerings.
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