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Why is the trust score of strongly low?

The website ‘’ appears to be related to a cryptocurrency airdrop, specifically for a coin called ‘notcoin’. The content you provided mentions a voucher system and receiving $NOT, presumably the currency symbol for ‘notcoin’.

Here are some reasons why this website might be considered a scam or at least high-risk:

1. Lack of Official Information: The website does not seem to provide clear and verifiable information about the organization behind ‘notcoin’ or the airdrop. Legitimate cryptocurrency projects usually have detailed whitepapers, team information, and a roadmap.
2. Unusual Claims: The claim of receiving a specific amount of cryptocurrency (in this case, $NOT) for being the first to claim a voucher is unusual and could be a red flag. Airdrops typically distribute tokens more evenly or based on specific criteria, not just being the first to claim.
3. Vagueness about Technology: The website does not provide technical details about the ‘notcoin’ or the underlying blockchain technology. Legitimate cryptocurrency projects usually provide this information to establish credibility.
4. Lack of Security Information: There is no mention of how the platform secures users’ data and funds. This is crucial, especially in the context of cryptocurrency, where security is a major concern.
5. No Community or Market Presence: Searching for ‘notcoin’ or related terms on reputable cryptocurrency platforms, forums, or market tracking websites may not yield any significant results, which could indicate a lack of real-world presence.
6. High Reward with Low Effort: The promise of a significant reward (in this case, $NOT) for minimal effort (being the first to claim a voucher) is a common tactic in many scams. It’s important to be cautious of such offers.
7. Lack of Regulatory Compliance: There is no mention of compliance with financial regulations or the legal status of ‘notcoin’ and the airdrop. Legitimate cryptocurrency projects often address these aspects.
8. Unverified Partnerships or Endorsements: If the website claims partnerships with major companies or endorsements from well-known figures without providing verifiable evidence, it could be a red flag.

It’s important to approach such websites and offers with caution. Cryptocurrency and airdrop scams are unfortunately common, and it’s crucial to verify the legitimacy of any project before participating. Conducting thorough research, seeking independent reviews, and being skeptical of high-reward, low-effort offers can help protect against potential scams.”

the reasons behind this review :
Lack of Official Information, Unusual Claims, Vagueness about Technology, Lack of Security Information, No Community or Market Presence, High Reward with Low Effort, Lack of Regulatory Compliance, Unverified Partnerships or Endorsements
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