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Why is the trust score of low? appears to be a website focused on aquarium and ornamental fish care and products. The content includes articles on various aspects of fish care, such as feeding, disease treatment, and plant cultivation in aquariums. The site also provides information on the products available for purchase, including details on why the site should be chosen, how to make purchases, and the return and after-sales service policies. The site seems to be designed to serve as a comprehensive resource for aquarium enthusiasts, offering both informational content and a platform for purchasing related products. Given the nature of the content and the apparent focus on a specific niche (aquarium and fish care), the site seems to be legitimate and safe for users interested in this topic. However, as with any online purchase, it’s advisable to ensure that the site uses secure payment methods and has clear terms and conditions for transactions and returns.”

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Focused content on aquarium and fish care, Information on products and purchasing process, Appears to be a niche website for aquarium enthusiasts, No obvious signs of scam or malicious intent, SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt for secure browsing
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