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Why is the trust score of very high? is a news website that covers a wide range of topics, including government, politics, accountability, and more. It was founded by John Solomon, a journalist with a background in investigative reporting. The website aims to provide readers with news and analysis that is fact-based and free from the bias often associated with mainstream media outlets. has a straightforward layout, with articles categorized by topic for easy navigation. It also offers a subscription service for those who want to support the site and access additional features. The website’s content is regularly updated, and it includes a mix of original reporting, opinion pieces, and curated news from other sources. has a strong focus on political news, particularly in the context of the United States. It covers developments in Congress, the White House, and other key institutions, as well as broader issues related to governance and policy. The website’s reporting often delves into controversies and debates within the political sphere, providing in-depth analysis and multiple perspectives on important issues. also covers international news, with a particular emphasis on how global events and developments impact the United States. This includes coverage of foreign policy, international relations, and geopolitical issues. The website’s reporting on international affairs aims to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of how events around the world intersect with U.S. interests and policies. has a section dedicated to opinion pieces, where various contributors share their perspectives on current events and political topics. These opinion pieces cover a wide range of viewpoints, offering readers a diverse array of analyses and arguments. The website’s opinion section is designed to foster debate and critical thinking, allowing readers to engage with different ideas and interpretations of the news. also features a podcast section, where users can listen to audio content on a variety of topics. The podcasts cover news, politics, and other issues, and they often feature interviews with experts and newsmakers. The website’s podcast section provides an alternative way for users to consume news and analysis, particularly for those who prefer audio content. has a strong emphasis on transparency and fact-checking. It aims to provide accurate and reliable information to its readers, and it takes steps to verify the claims made in its reporting. The website also encourages readers to engage critically with the news and to seek out multiple sources of information.’s commitment to accuracy and transparency is reflected in its editorial policies and in the way it presents information to its audience. Overall, is a news website that offers a mix of original reporting, opinion pieces, and curated news from other sources. It has a strong focus on political news, both domestic and international, and it aims to provide readers with accurate, fact-based information. The website’s commitment to transparency and its efforts to present diverse perspectives make it a valuable resource for those interested in staying informed about current events and political developments.”

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Wide range of news topics, Founded by John Solomon, Fact-based reporting, Categorized articles, Subscription service available, Mix of original and curated news, Strong focus on political news, Coverage of international events, Emphasis on U.S. impact of global events, Opinion section with diverse viewpoints, Podcast section for audio content, Commitment to transparency and fact-checking, Encouragement of critical engagement with the news
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