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Why is the trust score of very high? redirected to https// during the time we crawled it. Intent IQ appears to be a legitimate company providing cookieless advertising solutions. The website content and the information available online suggest that they are a technology company specializing in identity resolution for digital advertising, particularly in the context of the evolving landscape of online privacy and the phasing out of third-party cookies. Here are some reasons why Intent IQ seems to be a legitimate and reputable company:

Industry Recognition: Intent IQ has received recognition and awards within the advertising technology industry. For example, they were awarded the “Best Identity Technology” by AdExchanger in 2023, which indicates a level of industry acknowledgment and credibility.

Partnerships: The company has partnerships with other well-known companies in the digital advertising and technology space, such as PubMatic and Primis. These partnerships can lend credibility to Intent IQ’s standing in the industry.

Publications and Events: The company’s involvement in industry events and publications, such as sponsoring the 4A’s Decisions 2023 conference and being included in the Paladin Report, suggests an active and visible presence in the industry.

Leadership Profiles: The website provides information about the company’s leadership team, including their Chairman, Roy Shkedi, and their R&D Director, Noam Ben Yishai. The presence of detailed leadership profiles is a positive sign for a legitimate company.

Technical Details: The website mentions specific technical solutions and capabilities, such as bid enhancement services and identity resolution technology. These details align with the company’s purported focus on providing advanced advertising technology.

Consistent and Professional Online Presence: The website and its content appear professional and consistent with the image one would expect from a reputable technology company in the advertising industry.

While these points suggest that Intent IQ is a legitimate company, it’s always advisable to conduct thorough due diligence, especially if considering any business relationships or transactions. This can include further research into their partnerships, client testimonials, and any independent reviews or industry analysis of their services.”

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Industry Recognition, Partnerships, Publications and Events, Leadership Profiles, Technical Details, Consistent and Professional Online Presence
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