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Why is the trust score of strongly low? redirected to https// during the time we crawled it. The website appears to be a scam. Here are the reasons:

New Domain: The domain was registered only 5 days ago. Scammers often use new domains to avoid being flagged.

Lack of Information: The website lacks detailed information about the conference, such as the agenda, speakers, and sponsors. Legitimate conference websites typically provide comprehensive details.

No Contact Information: There is no visible contact information, such as a physical address or phone number, which is unusual for a professional conference.

Generic Content: The content on the website is generic and lacks specific details about the event. Legitimate conference websites usually provide in-depth information to attract participants.

Poor Design: The website’s design appears basic and unprofessional, which is uncommon for a high-profile conference.

No Social Media Presence: Legitimate conferences often have a strong presence on social media platforms, which can be used to verify their authenticity. The absence of this presence is suspicious.

Registration Fee: If the website requests payment for registration without providing sufficient information about the conference, it is a red flag. Scammers often use this tactic to collect money without delivering any real event.

No Reviews or Testimonials: Legitimate conferences usually have reviews or testimonials from past participants. The absence of such feedback is suspicious.

Unverifiable Claims: The website makes claims about the sponsorship and endorsement of high-profile individuals, but these claims are difficult to verify.

Unusual Location: The location of the conference, in this case, the Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh, may seem unusual for an international event, especially given the current global situation.

To ensure your safety and avoid potential scams, it is advisable to conduct thorough research and verify the legitimacy of any conference or event before making any commitments or payments.”

the reasons behind this review :
New Domain, Lack of Information, No Contact Information, Generic Content, Poor Design, No Social Media Presence, Registration Fee, No Reviews or Testimonials, Unverifiable Claims, Unusual Location
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