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Early Morning Media (EMM) is a UK-based company that specializes in producing bespoke newsletters and executive briefings for various industries, including accountancy, professional services, sports, legal, corporate communications, and human resources. The company’s services are designed to provide news intelligence and keep employees, clients, and prospects informed and engaged. EMM’s newsletters are tailored to specific industry sectors and aim to deliver curated, high-quality content to subscribers. The company’s website provides information about the industries it serves and offers sample newsletters for potential clients to review. EMM’s focus on tailored, industry-specific content and its client base in various professional sectors suggest a legitimate and specialized service. The company’s emphasis on providing valuable, curated content for specific industries aligns with the needs of businesses and organizations seeking to stay informed and competitive in their respective fields. Additionally, the website’s professional design, detailed information about its services, and the presence of contact information and a physical address contribute to its credibility. Overall, Early Morning Media appears to be a legitimate and specialized provider of industry-specific newsletters and executive briefings, catering to the information needs of professionals in various sectors.”

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Specialized industry focus, Tailored content for specific sectors, Sample newsletters for review, Professional website design, Detailed service information, Contact information and physical address provided
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