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The website appears to be a legitimate platform for accessing information related to business registrations, corporate changes, legalizations, and certifications in the Netherlands. The content on the site suggests that it serves as a self-service portal for individuals and businesses to manage various aspects of their corporate activities. The information provided covers a range of topics relevant to conducting business in the Netherlands, including the Dutch trade registry, legal forms for businesses, tax compliance, and more. The site also offers the ability to subscribe to email alerts for updates on the Dutch registry. The presence of a login feature for users to access their accounts further supports the notion that this is a functional and legitimate platform. The use of Let’s Encrypt for SSL certification is a common and reputable choice for securing websites, adding to the credibility of the site. Additionally, the fact that the website has been archived by the Wayback Machine, a reputable internet archive service, further supports its legitimacy. The archive age of 1231 days indicates that the site has been in existence for a considerable period, which is consistent with a legitimate and established platform. The server information provided, indicating that the site is hosted on a Google Cloud server in London, aligns with expectations for a professional and reliable web hosting setup. Overall, based on the available information, appears to be a safe and legitimate website for accessing business-related information and services in the Netherlands.”

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Legitimate business services, SSL certification, Presence in internet archives, Established server hosting
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