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Why is the trust score of very high? redirected to https// during the time we crawled it. is a legitimate and well-established website that provides structured drug information and patient insight tools. It is a global provider of comprehensive drug data, including information on drug products, drug targets, drug interactions, and pharmacology. The website offers various products and services, such as a clinical API, commercial drug datasets, and academic drug datasets, which are used by leading companies in the healthtech and biotech industries. is trusted by top pharmaceutical companies and has been cited in numerous scientific publications, demonstrating its credibility and reliability in the field of pharmaceutical research and healthcare.

The website’s content is professional and informative, with a focus on the importance of accurate and up-to-date drug data for advancing research and improving healthcare outcomes. It provides detailed information about the company’s data sources, validation processes, and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure the quality and accuracy of the drug information provided. also offers access to a wide range of datasets for different research needs, including machine learning for drug discovery, precision medicine, pharmacovigilance, in silico testing, and business intelligence. These datasets are designed to support various aspects of pharmaceutical research, from predicting drug targets and adverse effects to analyzing clinical trial information and exploring new opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry.

The website’s emphasis on the importance of high-quality drug data and its track record of being used by major pharmaceutical companies and researchers are strong indicators of its legitimacy and trustworthiness. Additionally, the professional design and user-friendly interface of the website contribute to its credibility as a reliable source of drug information and research tools.

In summary, is a reputable and safe website for accessing structured drug data and related services. Its focus on data quality, its use by industry leaders, and its professional presentation all contribute to its high level of trustworthiness in the field of pharmaceutical research and healthcare.”

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Professional and informative content, Emphasis on data quality and validation processes, Use of artificial intelligence (AI) for data accuracy, Cited in numerous scientific publications, Trusted by top pharmaceutical companies, Offers a wide range of datasets for pharmaceutical research, User-friendly interface and professional design
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