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Why is the trust score of strongly low?

The website raises several red flags that are commonly associated with scam websites:

1. Newly Registered Domain: The domain was registered only 1 day ago. While this alone doesn’t confirm a scam, it’s a common tactic for scam websites to use new domains to avoid being flagged.

2. Lack of Detailed Information: The website lacks detailed information about the company, such as a physical address, contact phone number, or information about the team. Legitimate businesses typically provide this information to build trust with customers.

3. Unprofessional Design: The website’s design appears unprofessional, with generic images and a layout that is common among low-quality or scam websites.

4. Unrealistic Prices: The prices for the products are significantly lower than market prices for similar items. This is a common tactic used by scam websites to lure in customers.

5. Limited Product Information: The product descriptions are brief and lack detailed specifications. Legitimate e-commerce sites usually provide comprehensive information about the products they sell.

6. Lack of Customer Reviews: There are no customer reviews or ratings for the products, which is unusual for an online store. Legitimate sites often feature customer feedback to help shoppers make informed decisions.

7. Free Worldwide Shipping: Offering free worldwide shipping, especially for low-cost items, can be financially unsustainable for a new or unknown online store. It’s often used as a bait tactic by scam websites.

8. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service: While the website claims to have a privacy policy and terms of service, it’s important to verify the legitimacy and comprehensiveness of these documents. Scam websites may have poorly written or generic policies.

9. Limited Payment Methods: The website may have limited or unconventional payment methods, which can be a red flag. Legitimate online stores typically offer a variety of trusted payment options.

10. Lack of Trust Seals: The absence of recognized trust seals or security certifications, such as SSL verification, is a concern for the security of online transactions.

11. High Volume of Products: Scam websites often feature a large number of products across different categories, which can be a tactic to attract a wider range of potential victims.

12. Inconsistent Branding: The website’s branding and design may be inconsistent or appear copied from other sources, which is common among scam websites.

Given these red flags, it’s advisable to exercise extreme caution when considering making a purchase from It’s recommended to thoroughly research the website, look for independent reviews or customer experiences, and consider alternative, more established retailers for similar products.”

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Newly Registered Domain, Lack of Detailed Information, Unprofessional Design, Unrealistic Prices, Limited Product Information, Lack of Customer Reviews, Free Worldwide Shipping, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, Limited Payment Methods, Lack of Trust Seals, High Volume of Products, Inconsistent Branding
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