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Why is the trust score of very low? was a website that hosted graphic videos and images, often related to accidents, violence, and death. It was known for its controversial content and was frequently criticized for its graphic nature. The site claimed to provide uncensored and real news, often with a focus on violent incidents and their aftermath. However, due to the nature of its content, it was not suitable for all audiences, and many considered it disturbing and inappropriate. The site’s founder, Mark Marek, was involved in legal issues related to the content hosted on the site. In 2013, he was arrested in Canada and faced charges related to the posting of a video showing the murder of Jun Lin, a Chinese international student. Marek ultimately pleaded guilty to publishing obscene material and was sentenced to prison. The site’s notoriety and legal troubles contributed to its controversial reputation. It’s important to note that the content hosted on was extremely graphic and often depicted real-life violence and its consequences. As a result, it was not a mainstream or widely accepted platform. The site’s closure and the founder’s legal issues were significant events in its history. It’s also worth mentioning that the nature of the content on made it a target for censorship and legal action in various jurisdictions. The site’s closure and the legal consequences faced by its founder serve as a reminder of the complex legal and ethical considerations surrounding online content, particularly when it involves graphic or disturbing material.”

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Graphic and disturbing content, Legal issues and controversy, Not suitable for all audiences, Target for censorship and legal action, Complex legal and ethical considerations
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