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Why is the trust score of strongly low? is a website that claims to be the official site for 4rabet in India, offering online betting and casino gaming. However, there are several red flags and concerns that should be carefully considered before engaging with this site. Here are some reasons for caution:

1. **Domain and Website**: The domain “” is not the official domain for 4rabet. The official domain for 4rabet is “”. The use of a different domain can be a tactic used by fraudulent sites to mislead users.

2. **Content and Promises**: The content on the website makes several promises, such as a +200% bonus up to ₹20,000, fast registration, and a range of features and benefits. These kinds of promises, especially the high bonus amounts, are common tactics used by scam websites to attract users.

3. **Lack of Official Information**: The website does not provide clear and verifiable information about the company, such as its official address, licensing details, or regulatory information. Legitimate betting and casino sites typically provide this information for transparency and trust.

4. **Unrealistic Bonuses and Offers**: The website’s claims of high bonuses and constant giveaways are often unrealistic in the legitimate online betting and casino industry. Such offers can be a red flag for potential scams.

5. **Security and Privacy**: There is no clear information about the site’s security measures, data protection policies, or privacy practices. Legitimate sites usually have detailed privacy policies and security measures to protect user data.

6. **Customer Reviews and Reputation**: It’s important to check for independent customer reviews and the overall reputation of the site. If there are numerous complaints or if the site is relatively unknown, it could be a sign of unreliability.

7. **Payment Methods and Financial Security**: Be cautious about providing sensitive financial information or making large deposits on sites with unclear or unverified financial security measures.

8. **Contact and Support**: Legitimate betting and casino sites usually have clear and responsive customer support channels. If the site’s contact information is limited or unresponsive, it’s a cause for concern.

9. **Official App and Downloads**: Be wary of downloading any apps or software from unofficial sources. Always use the official app stores for legitimate and safe downloads.

10. **Comparison with Official Site**: Compare the content and offerings on the “” site with the official 4rabet site. If there are significant discrepancies or if the official site disclaims any association with the .in domain, it’s a major warning sign.

It’s important to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with any online betting or casino site, especially if there are doubts about its legitimacy. When in doubt, it’s best to err on the side of caution and seek out well-established and reputable platforms for these activities.”

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Domain and Website, Content and Promises, Lack of Official Information, Unrealistic Bonuses and Offers, Security and Privacy, Customer Reviews and Reputation, Payment Methods and Financial Security, Contact and Support, Official App and Downloads, Comparison with Official Site
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