Enhance your SIEM and security solutions with ScamMinder’s API, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge AI to identify and analyze emerging threats. Our system not only alerts you to real-time phishing and scam attempts but also fortifies your existing defenses, ensuring your digital platforms and clients are safeguarded against sophisticated cyber threats.

How It Works

Effortlessly integrate ScamMinder’s API with just a few steps: sign up, explore our easy-to-follow documentation, customize settings, and implement the API. Quick testing ensures smooth operation, leading to immediate, real-time protection against online scams for your users.

Guardian AI: Preventing Cyber Threats

ScamMinder employs advanced AI to act as your digital security expert, safeguarding your clients and customers from emerging cyber threats. By detecting unknown scams, our service provides comprehensive protection, keeping your business ahead of evolving online dangers and ensuring a secure digital environment for all your users.

Free API Plan

  • 10 Website scan
  • Community forum access
  • API Access

Basic API Plan

$ 49 Monthly
  • 500 Website scan
  • Standard web scanning
  • Community forum access
  • API Access

Professional API Plan

$ 180 Monthly
  • 2000 Website scan
  • Direct Messaging with experts
  • Community forum access
  • API Access
  • Dedicated Support

User review

I was hesitant about entering my banking details on a new website, but Scamminder.com was a lifesaver. After using their service, I felt confident that the site was secure and legitimate. Their expert analysis and clear reports really helped ease my worries.
John D
Whenever I'm uncertain about a website's credibility, I turn to Scamminder.com. Their detailed reviews and specialist insights have been invaluable in protecting my personal and financial information from potential scams.
Ham G
Thanks to Scamminder.com, I've avoided several risky websites. Their user-friendly platform and expert guidance make it easy to check the safety of any site before I input my sensitive information. It's an indispensable tool for online security!
Sara F

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